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The Appalachian Wagon Train spent the we

Appalachian Wagon Train

From Out of the Past and Into the Present

Trek Information

The Appalachian Wagon Train consists of horse or mule drawn steel-wheeled wagons, and hearkens back to the days when pioneers traveled west through Western Pennsylvania in the 17-1800's.

Observers of the train can expect to see horse or mule drawn covered wagons and outriders on horseback, and participants clad in period appropriate garb.

The first trek took place in 1970 to commemorate the 175th anniversary of the founding of Somerset County, PA, and has taken place every year.  The Appalachian Wagon Train typically travels in Western Pennsylvania, starting on Father’s Day in June.

Local residents are welcome to watch the train pass by at any point along the route (route information can be found below at the Trek Information link).  Visitors are also welcome at the campsites, and can observe the wagons and horses there, as well as special activities some evenings during the trek.  Souvenirs are available for purchase at the campsites.

Visiting the wagon train is not only a family friendly event, but the trek is a very important family affair for many of the participants as well.  Many families in the organization can count numerous generations of members, and many of the participant families will include three generations of family members on the trek.

We are working on “rolling out” our new
Three Horses

"Our Father who art in Heaven; Hallowed be Thy name."
We thank You for the privilege of calling upon You as God,
For being the kind of God that You are,
In caring and providing us with the necessities of life, 
In protecting and guiding us as we fellowship together and travel on the road.
Give us wisdom to treat each other with respect, and grace, to accept the things which are unpleasant. 
Thank You for the privilege of enjoying the great out of doors, wherein we must take time to thank and praise You.
Bless those who are responsible to lead while on our trek, 
That we as Wagon Train members may be a blessing to each other.
Most of all, may we praise Your Holy name.

Elam Bender

Appalachian Wagon Train Prayer

Contact Appalachian Wagon Train

113 Myers Street
Ebensburg, PA 15931

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